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Interested in learning and understanding the Bible even more?!

Check out the supplement to this book below!


A "Study Aid" to

The Concise Catholic Guide to the Bible book

This supplement will include a short 1-2 minute video, summary, and links to full scripture verses that are representative of the section of the Bible I am highlighting. Each week will be a different chapter of the book posted HERE on my website, and on my Facebook and Instagram accounts.


Since the book only lists bible verses and not entire passages typed out, the videos will call out representative passages from each section of the Bible to accompany the book.


I wanted to give readers of the book different passages to reflect on so we can more deeply understand salvation history throughout the bible.


My hope is that after you've read both the book and the scripture passages of the study aid, you'll feel more comfortable reading Biblical texts! As well as having a firm foundation of what biblical salvation history is all about.


Follow the link to find this new faith tool!

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