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Acts of the Apostles

Why is the Acts of the Apostles such an important book in the Bible?
The book of Acts gives us important insights into the church’s early beliefs, practices, and approaches to spreading the good news of Jesus’s salvation.

A Great Devotional Tool for the Easter season
This book covers Acts in 50 distinct passages, utilizing summaries, maps, and life applications. In Catholicism, we designate the “Easter season” as a 50-day celebration starting with Easter Sunday (when Jesus rose from the dead) and concluding with Pentecost (day 50, when the Holy Spirit came down upon the apostles). This book is designed to be a daily devotional tool for the Easter season.

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Jesus's Public Ministry In Luke

Is part of your prayer time reading about the life of Jesus?


If you are Catholic, do you follow the daily mass Gospel readings?  


Every year, from around September through November, the Catholic daily mass gospel readings focus on Jesus’s public ministry in Luke.  


Important Bible Passages: Jesus’s Public Ministry in Luke helps the believer get the most out of their Gospel reading with:

  • Maps so that the believer can identify commonly mentioned places like “Judea”, “Samaria” and “Galilee” 

  • Reflections from spiritual giants like Saints Augustine, Cyril of Alexandria, Jerome, and more

  • Historical notes that help interpret hard to understand passages


This is a great tool for the believer looking to deepen her spiritual life, or the beginner looking for an introduction to Jesus’s teachings and ministry! 

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Kings After Solomon

Want to finally understand the Bible?

Are you a frustrated believer who can’t quite piece together salvation history?

Is the “middle section” of the Bible too hard to follow?

Important Bible Passages: The Kings After Solomon will help you navigate the most confusing part of the biblical narrative. Each of the 33 passages presented in this book contains:

  • Summary of the passage in clear, contemporary language

  • Map and family tree as visuals to follow the story

  • A “Life Application” section for putting into practice the important lessons in each story

  • A “Christ Connection” section helps connect these stories to the life of Jesus

If you are a believer, this book is for you!!

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