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Practical Advice from All 37 Church Doctors

Available in eBook and paperback formats

In our 2000-year history, we’ve had thousands of proclaimed saints (we don’t know how many for sure because we only started keeping an official list in A.D. 933). Of the thousands of saints, 37 are considered “doctors" because their teachings are considered valuable for Catholics of all time periods, not just the time period in which the doctor lived. The timeless teachings of these saints have articulated what we believe in times of controversy, helped succeeding generations of Catholics grow closer to God, and even inspired non-believers

to live a better life.


The saints featured in this book offer great advice on how to believe- and live. This book attempts to help the reader appreciate each saint’s distinctiveness by focusing on one specific life lesson. Each lesson is taken from the saint’s own writings, so we can hear what the saint has to teach us in his/her own voice.


I hope you enjoy this presentation of life lessons from all 37 doctors!

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Available in eBook and paperback formats

 We Catholics have a great guidebook called the Catechism of the Catholic Church, which helps us see everyone as made in the image and likeness of God. This book arranges the Catechism’s teaching on commandments four through ten in a way that highlights an essential aspect of the human condition addressed by each commandment:

  • Human Authority (Commandment Four: Honor your father and mother)

  • Human Life (Commandment Five: You shall not kill)

  • Human Sexuality (Commandment Six: You shall not commit adultery)

  • Material Goods (Commandment Seven: You shall not steal)

  • Human Communication (Commandment Eight: You shall not bear false witness)

  • Human Senses (Commandment Nine: You shall not covet your neighbor’s spouse)

  • Human Desire (Commandment Ten: You shall not covet your neighbor’s goods)

This book will help give us clearer perspectives on how to love our neighbors as ourselves! 

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 What is Catholic social teaching?

Catholic social teaching is a set of faith-based documents that respond to modern economic and political issues. Its starting point is 1891, with Pope Leo XIII’s letter on fair work relations in industrial Europe, and continues today, with the most recent contribution being Pope Francis’s 2020 letter on international solidarity. Catholic social teaching’s moral guidelines have oriented millions of Catholics on how to best participate in all aspects of society, and it can do the same for you.

In this book, you will find:

  • the historical contexts and problems that prompted each document;

  • thirteen principles on how Catholics should approach economic policy; and

  • how these principles have been articulated in various documents of Catholic social teaching.

This introduction will help you appreciate Catholic social teaching as an instrument to make the world a more just place to live. By the end of it, you’ll have principles to respond to today’s societal challenges in a faith-filled and God-honoring way.  

Available in eBook and paperback formats

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Welcome to the Bible!

This introduction to the Bible will help you view the bible as one, comprehensible story of God’s love for us. 

In it, you will find:

  • maps, charts, and timelines to situate each book of the bible

  • summaries and notable quotes to help biblical comprehension

  • appendices that show the Holy Land and central worship sites throughout key moments in salvation history

By the end of the book, you’ll be able to turn to any section of the Bible and understand how it fits into the larger story of God’s love for us! 

Available in eBook and paperback formats

Interested in learning and understanding the Bible even more?!

Check out the supplement to this book below!


A "Study Aid" to

The Concise Catholic Guide to the Bible book

This supplement will include a short 1-2 minute video, summary, and links to full scripture verses that are representative of the section of the Bible I am highlighting. Each week will be a different chapter of the book posted HERE on my website, and on my Facebook and Instagram accounts.


Since the book only lists bible verses and not entire passages typed out, the videos will call out representative passages from each section of the Bible to accompany the book.


I wanted to give readers of the book different passages to reflect on so we can more deeply understand salvation history throughout the bible.


My hope is that after you've read both the book and the scripture passages of the study aid, you'll feel more comfortable reading Biblical texts! As well as having a firm foundation of what biblical salvation history is all about.


Follow the link to find this new faith tool!


Jesus's Public Ministry In Luke

Is part of your prayer time reading about the life of Jesus?


If you are Catholic, do you follow the daily mass Gospel readings?  


Every year, from around September through November, the Catholic daily mass gospel readings focus on Jesus’s public ministry in Luke.  


Important Bible Passages: Jesus’s Public Ministry in Luke helps the believer get the most out of their Gospel reading with:

  • Maps so that the believer can identify commonly mentioned places like “Judea”, “Samaria” and “Galilee” 

  • Reflections from spiritual giants like Saints Augustine, Cyril of Alexandria, Jerome, and more

  • Historical notes that help interpret hard to understand passages


This is a great tool for the believer looking to deepen her spiritual life, or the beginner looking for an introduction to Jesus’s teachings and ministry! 

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Published: November 12, 2018

Want to finally understand the Bible? Are you a frustrated believer who can’t quite piece together salvation history? Is the “middle section” of the Bible too hard to follow?

Important Bible Passages: The Kings After Solomon will help you navigate the most confusing part of the biblical narrative. Each of the 33 passages presented in this book contains:

  • Summary of the passage in clear, contemporary language

  • Map and family tree as visuals to follow the story

  • A “Life Application” section for putting into practice the important lessons in each story

  • A “Christ Connection” section which helps connect these stories to the life of Jesus

If you are a believer, this book is for you!!

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